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Looking for a new bird dog and a great family pet?

Pollitt Farms is located in South Central Iowa and we home raise 1-2 litters of AKC registered Brittany Spaniel Puppies per year.

We are not mass breeders!

Our puppies are raised indoors, we bathe them regularly and play with them every day. This means when your brittany puppy goes home with you, they are highly social, love to play fetch, like taking bathes, and are usually partially potty trained.

All puppies leave our care with tail docked, dew claws removed, vaccinations and wormings current. As placement time nears, we match puppy personalities with the specific characteristics that each family is looking for. We like to keep in touch with our puppy families and are happy to announce that all of our brittany puppies have been placed in loving homes all over the United States.


Thank you to all that have already placed your deposits.

4/9/2014: NEW PICTURES POSTED!! I have added individual pictures and group shots on the Puppy Life page. So the big day will be here before you know it and it is time to start the selection process. We will be contacting each of you in order of your deposit to pick your puppy.

I can tell you that they are all great! The smallest little girl (girl puppy #4) weighs about 3.5 lbs. The larger 2 weigh about 4.5 lbs and you guessed it the other 2 weigh about 4 lbs. We wormed the puppies yesterday and will again in about 2 weeks. We will give them their first shot in a few days and the second shot at 7 weeks.

They are eating a mixture of Purina Tender Morsels dog food mixed with goat's milk and rice baby food. In a few days, we'll get rid of the goat's milk and start making a gravy with some Pedigree soft puppy meat. They are big eaters now and eat all their food really fast. They are starting to get used to being outside and I'm sure if we keep on having nice weather, they will start to explore all over the yard.

4/2/2014: So as you can see the puppies have grown quite a bit. Their eyes are open, they are starting to eat a mixture of goat's milk and rice baby food. They think it's ok, but Sandi has been feeding them so well that they really aren't that interested. They pretty much just eat and sleep, so we've started getting them out of their puppy pool and making them get up, walk around and explore a bit. No more pool potato puppies!!! :)

4 AKC Female Brittany Puppies

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Sandi's Boys

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2 AKC Male Brittany Puppies

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Sandi's Boys

All Male Puppies Reserved

Sandi's Babies March 13'ish 3/22/2014: So, it just want to apologize for taking so long to get the puppies birth pictures up. Also, our little miracle puppy #7 didn't make it. She lived about 24 hours or so. We think that she maybe got an infection from breathing in some of of the afterbirth when we were trying to get her out. So kind of a sad deal.

However, the other 4 girls and 2 boys are doing great and growing every day. We expect their eyes to open sometime within the next 4 days or so. Once their eyes are open, I'll be taking group and individual pictures of all the puppies, so stay tuned. They are all just adorable.

3/11/2014: So some of you may be wondering what's been happening. It's been a really rough 2 days. We were up all night last night and finally went to the vet for some assistance because we knew there were more puppies. He gave Sandi a shot and 5 minutes and 3 farts later Puppy #6, a little girl was born. We still felt like there were more, but since she had puppy # 6 our vet felt like Sandi would have any others within the next few hours....she did not.

So back to the vet this afternoon, because we still felt there was another puppy. I mentioned that the puppy might be alive. The vet and Craig were pretty sure that she would be stillborn. She was not....Our little miracle puppy was alive. She just wasn't ready to come out yet. :) She's a big girl and did have to be pulled so her nose is pretty bruised and sore right now. We are feeding her with a syringe and it looks like she'll be just fine. We will be taking extra special care of her the next few days/weeks and we'll just see how it goes.

3/10/2014: Well, I thought for sure we'd have puppies last night. Sandy was "nesting" about every hour or so. For those that don't know what that means....she digs and claws and pulls at the ripped up sheets in her kennel. She makes quite a bit of commotion when she's doing it too. So I was up most of the night, but still no puppies. Maybe during the day today....that would be great!

Yeah!!! Sandi has started having puppies. All puppies will be orange and white.

Puppy #1 1:36 PM - It's a Girl!

Puppy #2 2:07 PM - It's a Boy!

Puppy #3 3:20 PM - It's a Girl!

Puppy #4 5:25 PM - It's a Girl!

Puppy #5 7:20 PM - It's a Boy!

Puppy #6 2:19 AM - It's a Girl!

AND Last but not Least Our Little Miracle, born 27 hours after Sandi began this process....

Puppy #7 4:30 PM - It's a Girl

3/09/2014: We have been on puppy watch starting Saturday, March 8th, which is Sandi's first due date. Sandi has a major waddle, breathes really heavy, sleeps a lot, and is "nesting" in the muck every time she goes outside. We really thought she might start having puppies last night but she didn't. The big day could happen anytime now.


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We are currently taking deposits for Sophie's late Fall 2014 litter.
Sandi's next litter should be around late Spring 2015.
Don't wait to make your deposit, remember all puppies are selected in order of deposit date/time.

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